When people or businesses are at odds, disputes arise in the civil litigation arena.

These civil litigation disputes may involve business dealings, neighbor disputes, contract disputes, trespass, disputed titles to real estate, etc. Over the many years of practice, the lawyers at Princi Mills have seen it all.

The Firm’s trial lawyers recognize that the dispute resolution process can be time consuming, expensive, and draining on personal and business finances. Most clients do not realize the enormous time commitment involved in civil litigation disputes. Michael and Robert provide an experienced assessment and analysis of your cases, recognizing that bringing matters before the court often results in a poor result even if the facts and law are on your side. We are respected mediators and recognized for our ability to resolve civil disputes in an effective manner. Often, their skills and experience as formidable advocates bring matters to a successful result in a cost effective and time conscious manner. The Firm’s attorneys have represented businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, insurers, shareholders, lenders, partners, individuals, and companies in virtually any type of lawsuit including contract disputes, business torts, and governance issues.

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